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Check out how OFIS Architects made a Slovenian hotel building more sustainable

OFIS Architects drew inspiration from the best of alpine landscapes, local artisanal traditions and modern architecture while working on the renovation of the Hotel Bohinj in the Julian Alps.

Hotel Bohinj (formerly known as Hotel Kimpas) is set in picturesque surroundings in the glacier-clad Bohinj Valley, within the Triglav National Park. The need for renovation arose from young investor Damian Merlak, who had set his sights on renovating several hotels in the area. Merlak’s vision was to match the area’s stunning natural beauty with buildings that would be renovated with sustainability as a priority. The OFIS Architectural team worked with this in mind, reimagining the hotel’s appearance and adding new building elements and more modern structural solutions.

During the renovation, the designers strove for harmony between the stylistic elements of Alpine architecture and modern style. The scale and proportions of the original building have been maintained, but the main façade has been completely transformed, with a structure made of a combination of wood and metal dominating the view. The structure provides protection against the earthquakes that are common in the region.

Along with the rooms of the complex, its café and conference room have been renovated and a new wing has been added to the building. Wood is the dominant material—in several places, larch cladding has been used, with patterns and details that evoke the landscape and local craft traditions.

The emphasis on local values is reflected in the interior and services: all interior elements, from furniture to upholstery and lighting, are designed and made by local businesses and manufactures, while the hotel’s wine bar offers drinks from Slovenian wineries. The hotel has a wellness center, but you can also swim in the cold but clear waters of nearby Lake Bohinj.

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