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Monumental murals, livable cities | TOP 5

Murals can change the atmosphere of neighborhoods and bring life to any environment. They enliven our everyday lives, make us stop and think for a moment. In addition, there is a huge amount of work behind them, serious preparations are needed for the difficult conditions. Take a virtual walk with us and take a closer look at the murals that define the views of the region!

Celebrating nature

The mural by the Czech illustrator Barbora Idesová was made for the Cinemascop Festival at the Eforie coast in Romania. Upon arrival, the artist first observed the atmosphere of the outdoor cinema and then selected the drawings that best suited it from her sketchbook. The scene depicts living beings and spirits living together, sometimes more difficult, sometimes in great symbiosis.

It is worth dreaming

Ivan Blažetic, or Šumski, presents new perspectives through visual narratives, rethinking collective stories and myths. His work, called It is worth dreaming, is located in the Croatian city of Sisak, a prominent street art destination in Europe with many murals. Bankrupt refineries and worn-out façades used to dominate the area, but thanks to the masterpieces, the streets came to life.

St. George of Ukraine

The surrealist works of Alexei Bordusov, aka Aec Interesni Kazki, adorn the walls worldwide. His painting, called St. George of Ukraine, enlivens the view of Kyiv in a way typical of the artist: inspired by science, religion, mythology, cosmology, myths and past times. His extremely detailed works are reminiscent of tales whose characters are colorful, imaginary beings.

The soul of a dynamic city

The giant painting in Warsaw was dreamed up by painter and architect Tytus Brzozowski, who loves to display the atmosphere of different cities. The work depicts the Polish capital, which is energetic, bustling and fun. The accentuated wheels symbolize mobility—Warsaw rides on a winding road. The implementation can be linked to the Ideamo team.

Budapest Bang Summer

The monumental painting on a thousand-square-meter firewall was designed by illustrator Zsolt Vidák entitled “Budapest Bang Summer” and then by the team of Neopaint Works. The goal was a detailed and colorful creation, as the work enriches the courtyard of a primary and high school in Budapest, which was in perfect harmony with the style of the designer, who loves small details, complemented by irony and humor.

Barbora Idesová | Web | Facebook | InstagramBehance 
Ivan Blažetić Šumski | Web Facebook | InstagramBehance 
Aec Interesni Kazki | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Tytus Brzozowski | Web | FacebookInstagram
Zsolt Vidák | WebFacebook | Instagram

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