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New wave hotels re-write the view of the Adriatic

In line with nature, local needs and the Yugoslav architecture heritage, hotels are built by the Zagreb-centred architectural studio. Built in Rovinj, this hotel is an exclusive bridge between the park and the sea. 

The 3LHD architectural studio, founded in 1994, has already had a number of success in Croatia and in the international scene. The name makes an imaginative reference to the four founding members of the association who started working together for a university application: three of them left-handed, 3L, HD, or hard drive, indicate that only one of them knew how to handle the computer at the time. Since then, the studio’s work has been entwined with the changing identity of the Adriatic: they built a footbridge and sports hall in Rijeka, a waterfront promenade in Split, and they are currently working on revitalizing an abandoned industrial quarter of Zagreb. It is now about their most well-known area of activity, hotel planning. 

In the case of hotels, inspiration is drawn from the Yugoslav architects who built the Adriatic tourist infrastructure at the time. Their aim is not only to attract tourists, but also to make the local community feel at home in cities where they are no longer the majority. They therefore aim to make certain areas and functions of the hotels open to the locals as well.

The presented Grand Park Hotel Rovinj opened two years ago, right on the beach. In order for the building to blend into the nature surrounding it, the floors were moved along the slope of the plot. This offers many smaller and larger terraces, Mediterranean gardens, swimming pools, and guests can admire Rovinj and sea sunsets from different points of the hotel. The water surfaces and green parts of the building form a framework for each content zone, and the overall impact is both attractive and reassuring. Since the hotel is located right next to a pedestrian street, the reconstruction went hand in hand with the redesign of the public area.

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