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On sustainability for a secure future | Planet Budapest 2021 x Hype&Hyper

This week, Hype&Hyper takes a special journey into the world of sustainability. Forestry, corporate sustainability, water efficiency tricks for the home, modern urbanism and the circular economy are just some of the topics our readers can learn more about for a secure future.

Planet Budapest 2021 Sustainability Expo and Summit is a joint event of the Visegrád Countries on sustainable development. It aims to raise awareness of adverse environmental, social and economic practices among the general public, especially young people, and to show that these negative changes, which overshadow the future of humankind, are still reversible.

Planet Budapest 2021 will line up a number of professional exhibitors from the Visegrád Countries for a week; who can promote the sustainable development through their technological developments, innovative products and services. The event will also offer spectacular, entertaining and informative activities, providing a comprehensive view of nature, our way of life and the processes that surround us, offering tangible solutions for sustainable everyday life.

The Summit in which the Hype&Hyper team will participate, held within the framework of Planet Budapest 2021, is the most prestigious international diplomatic meeting on sustainable development in the Central European region. During the event, the world’s leading policymakers, academics and high-ranking officials from international organisations will express their views on key issues of sustainable development, focusing on solutions to global environmental, economic and social challenges. This knowledge and exchange will be brought to the online space by the Hype&Hyper team.

Join us for this exciting week and read the thoughts of Diána Ürge-Vorsatz on sustainability, world-renowned forestry expert Péter Csóka on the environmental challenges of modern times or BCG Chairman Hans-Paul Bürkner on corporate sustainability and the circular economy. Just to name a few of them.

Let’s shape our future together! Planet Budapest 2021 Sustainability Expo and World Summit x Hype&Hyper

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