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Pandemic beyond reality

The works of the Slovak photographer Andrea Koporová are easily recognizable for their special characteristics: spaces filled with a surreal atmosphere, vivid color tones, sensitive female figures, and symmetrical compositions form the photographer’s visual world. In her latest series of photographs, she elevates the visualization of the coronavirus and the social issues that come with it to this utopian world.

The V I R U S series depicts the sudden, usually negative feelings and changes that have influenced the social scene in recent times: the melancholy of loneliness and distancing is particularly dominant in the photos and captioning as well. The symmetry perfectly complements the geometric patterns, but it can not only be a visual element but can also symbolize aloofness and loneliness during quarantine. Thus, not only is an aesthetic experience unfolded before us, but the images also have a deeper symbolism. Koporová designs every photo perfectly, so every little detail has a special meaning: a bag of apples can be a symbol of health, life, and the problem of shopping under restrictions at the same time.

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