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Polish furniture in our home | TOP 5

If we were to replace the kitchen furniture or watch TV from a new couch, we typically target some large furniture company. However, it is also worth looking around among Polish designers, as Polish production lines just keep producing furniture—making the country the third largest in Europe in this respect. Nevertheless, few can highlight emblematic Polish furniture brands, so now we have collected some of our favorites. Simple, geometric, natural or colorful, a bit classic or cutting-edge: you can choose from all of them in our list today. Let’s see!

Pani Jurek

Magda Jurek is originally trained as a painter, so her work is all about searching for forms, placing objects in space and creating connections between them, all part of her visual way of thinking. Her aim is to create design objects that are different from the usual and the obvious, which encourage us, the users, to think. Although her product range is dominated by various luminaires and lamps, the repertoire also includes some pieces of furniture, such as the TRN collection, which evokes calligraphy and draws inspiration from the work of Jan Tarasin, a Polish artist and graphic designer.

Lekka Furniture

Ewelina Lekka’s brand is inspired by tradition, natural, locally available materials and crafts. In her work, the furniture designer places great emphasis on ecological solutions; in her concepts, it is important to pay attention to the entire life cycle of objects.

SALAK studio

According to the philosophy of the Polish SALAK Studio, less is more and by no means boring. The trademark of Alicja Korbut, the founder of the brand, is minimalism: in her pieces of furniture, timeless, simple geometric shapes, craftsmanship and durable materials are the most important keywords. In the repertoire of the SALAK studio, we can choose from hand-made coffee tables in white, black, off-white and deep green in a combination of ash tree, pine tree and steel, which can be even used as a seat.


The PHORMY brand was founded by architect Max Kobiela. His first plans were born in response to the creator’s private needs: he believes that if there is no suitable form in the market, it must be designed. Not long after, he created new furniture designs and over time collected them under the PHORMY brand. The furniture family, based on simple design and precision, has already won recognition and awards in several competitions, such as the soft upholstered PUFFY set on metal legs or the kaleidoscope patterned KALEIDO chest of drawers. That’s not all, PHORMY has already designed a limited edition collection for Disney as well: seating inspired by Disney characters awaits visitors in the reception area of The Walt Disney Company’s office buildings.

Zieta Prozessdesign

Zieta might stand out a little, in the sense that its focus is not on wood, but on experimenting with different materials, especially metal. The brand pushes the boundaries of technology, art and design; the team is made up of architects, designers, engineers and technologists. The repertoire includes both abstract objects and public sculptures, as well as a selection of inflated steel furniture, mirrors and accessories created with the unique FiDU (Freie Innendruck Umformung—Free Inner Pressure Forming) technology.

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