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Portable air purifier | Airtomo

A small, bold-colored device that can be attached to a bag, a pocket, or even a shoe to clean the air in its user’s environment: this is the 3D-printed, portable air purifier created by industrial designer Kevin Chiam. Behold the Airtomo!

The designer created the device with London Underground’s polluted air in mind: according to Kevin’s research, the level of pollution in the air circulating in the subway can be twenty times higher than that on street level. Airtomo tackles this issue by releasing water vapour into the air to remove harmful particles. This ultra-fine mist of water droplets binds to particulate matter in the air, forming a heavy aggregate that drops to the ground. This water vapour is fine enough not to get the user’s clothes damp, and the pollution particles on the floor can then be swept away.

The portable Airtomo is charged with a micro-USB cable and can be replenished with water at any time. The modules are made from a combination of 3D-printed parts along with a bespoke circuit board, a battery, and an ultrasonic transducer disc that atomizes the water into fine droplets. Kevin hopes that Airtomo modules can be placed on the walls in underground train stations to help the portable devices in improving the air quality.

Source: Dezeen

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