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Reconsidered textile stories to protect the Earth

The history of Zala Hrastar is a perfect example of how much we can do for our environment in small steps: she creates her own collection of used clothes in a small Slovenian village, thus also promoting slow fashion.

Zala dreamed up her own brand, Morja, a few years ago, which gives textiles, that people got bored of, a second chance. The combination of recyclable waste materials and used pieces is a real rebirth for clothes: the organized tangle of materials radiates cheerfulness and a boho feel, while representing the importance of conscious consumerism and reuse. In essence, this is also the brand’s ars poetica. The core of Morja is made up of colorful patches of everyday emotions that also convey the diversity of the environment protection, stories, and life. In Zala’s words, her plans are for those who are ready to show their emotions, feel gratitude even in the darkest situations, and are not afraid to blend into the environment in such a way as to stand out from it.

In addition to design, one of the most important missions of Zala is to introduce sustainable fashion to the widest possible audience. Several blog posts on the brand’s website show tips, ideas, and a path for those who would love to embark on this journey. In addition to clothing design, she also expresses herself in other creative processes, painting, and writing on related topics. You can also get acquainted with her pictures and texts on her website.

Zala’s family plays an important role in the life of Morja, as the concept was inspired by the designer’s parents, who introduced it to her during her childhood, of how important individual steps are in achieving great results. Moreover, not only her parents but other family members also return in the garments; the latest collection was inspired by the personality of Zala’s grandmother, Ana, for example.

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