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TASTE—a new thematic month on Hype&Hyper!

In May, we are again narrowing down a bit the topics of our site, but only to explore as thoroughly as possible—and by no means narrow-mindedly—a hot topic that we can all relate to: eating.

We don’t live to eat, we eat to live—or do we? Food plays a crucial role in some people’s lives because, as hedonists, they are passionate about gastronomic experiences, and others are so caught up by the healthy lifestyle trends that they get anxious if they don’t get superfood on their plate every day. And then we haven’t even talked about all the eating disorders and trends. If this is the case, is the saying really true?

Photo: Krisztina Szalay

In a perfect world where we live in harmony with our environment and primarily with ourselves, it should be true without causing asceticism or indifference to food (so it would not be limited to, say, nutritional pills that we take just to maintain our vital functions). All it would mean is that we have enough self-awareness of our bodies and our souls to follow their signals instead of expectations or traditions from outside. And also enough responsibility for our environment to choose our ingredients (environmentally) consciously. But is this possible, on the one hand, in the face of so many dietary trends from which we cannot escape, and, on the other, in the abundance of the welfare society, or should we say, on the verge of a food crisis? In May, our team follows up on such questions, and if you stay tuned, you’ll also find out how the businesswoman behind one of the country’s best-known diets or Hungary’s most respected dancer approaches food. I hope we’ve whetted everyone’s appetite!

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