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The coolest cocktail bars in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

What do you need for a good cocktail? Quality alcohol, fresh fruits, exciting spices, expertise and finally a special venue. In our selection today, we present the coolest cocktail bars in Eastern Europe!

A Most Unusual Garden | Zagreb

As its name suggests, the bar in the Savska cesta district is truly an unusual venue: checkered floors, murals, cozy rows of lights and a white wooden house ensure that we feel as if we were Alice in Wonderland. This is probably the only place in the world where we can drink the finest gin and tonics from a teacup on top of a tree.

Michalska Cocktail Room | Bratislava, Slovakia

At the time of the American alcohol prohibition, secret bars opened in the most unexpected places, such as barber shops or phone booths. This is what the Michalska cocktail bar in Bratislava aspires to evoke, which can be accessed through the Urban Bistro through a cupboard. The interior also evokes the atmosphere of the era with large leather sofas, a visible brick wall and dim lights. Forget the boring mojito, here the cocktails are made according to our own recipes, from the best quality, seasonal ingredients.

AnonymouS Shrink’s Office | Prague, Czech Republic

We also get to one of Prague’s most exciting cocktail bars through a secret door: from here we drop down a flight of stairs to 1920s USA. Instead of bartenders, psychologists welcome us here behind the counter, who make therapeutic cocktails in a personalized way. The place was inspired by Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach, who became famous for developing the ink blot test named after him. Bartenders wear mysterious masks on which Rorschach’s patches can be seen.

Pink Freud | Kyiv, Ukraine

Who wouldn’t want to have a cocktail in a place called Pink Freud? The bar in the central Podil district is housed in an inner courtyard, where you can be outdoors at the same time, yet away from the whirl of the street. The interior is full of Freud paintings and the drink menu is full of traditional and self-developed cocktails. To make it easier for us to choose the right one, the drinks were grouped according to four categories: sweet, sour, strong and refreshing.

Cortile Sky Bar & Pool | Budapest, Hungary

Roof terrace, beach atmosphere, pool above the city, hot summer evenings, illuminated panorama of Pest and ice-cold cocktails—this is the first rooftop bar with a pool in Budapest! From the drink menu, you can choose from a variety of cocktails and long drinks, or try one of the ten gin and tonics.

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