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The exhibition of Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop opened in Prague

An exhibition summarizing the work of the Budapest group of architects can be visited until September 11 at the VI PER Gallery in Prague.

The exhibition called Planning and Building Methods provides an insight into the work of the Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop over the past nine years through various installations, drawings, furniture and texts written by members. The aim of the exhibition is to present the workshop’s creative creed and attitude towards architecture with objects left over from their previous works.

The creators of the team are looking for a balance between man and environment in architecture. Their highlighted projects include the Nordic Wind House for the Oslo Architecture Trienniale, or the Wool House, which also experiments with natural materials, as well as the installation “Alone with Bees” presented at the OFF-Biennale. In addition to pilot projects, they are also commissioned.

AU Workshop | Web | Facebook | Instagram

VI PER Gallery | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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