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The futuristic, modernist cabin is open for visitors

Futuro House, the modernist building of the Finnish architect Matti Suuronen, comes to life in Marston Park, an art haven in Somerset, England.

The Futuro House was designed by Suuronen in 1968 as a “portable” holiday home in the countryside. The building is like a love child of an improved Scandinavian chalet and an architectural pavilion in a modernist guise. The curved and functional aerodynamic design of the cabin is reminiscent of a miniature spaceship on legs. The capsules were produced in limited numbers and placed in various locations around the world. One such site was Port Alfred, South Africa, where the London-based artist Craig Barnes, spent his childhood. As the years went by, Futuro House became more and more abandoned, but ten years ago, Barnes became interested in the building again during a trip to Port Alfred. The crumbling structure was transported to England, where it was restored and exhibited in various locations around London, and later moved to its current site in Marston Park. Michael Fenna, Director of Marston Park, says that in addition to Futuro House, they want to further enhance the park with impressive architecture.

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