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The most delicious ice creams from Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Today, there are plenty of ice cream parlors in most cities, but it is all the more difficult to find good quality in the large selection. Anyone who is already bored of looking for a chocolate-vanilla-punch triple and a really special taste experience has no easy task. In our selection today, we present five of the special ice cream parlors of Eastern Europe, where they make heart-and-soul icy delicacies from the best quality, fresh ingredients.

Zmrzlinář | Prague

Zmrzlinář started as a family business in 2008, when they opened their first ice cream parlor in Prague. Their ice creams are made exclusively from natural and fresh ingredients, without any additives. In the ice cream vendor’s offerings the four most popular flavors are always available—chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and pistachio—and the other twelve flavors are constantly changing. Half of the offer is made up of fresh, fruit-only sorbets, which are not only juicy but also ideal for vegans and can be consumed by those that are sensitive to gluten and lactose.

Nitro Lody | Warsaw

Nitro Lody is Warsaw’s first molecular ice cream parlor. What does this mean? Instead of traditional methods, every serving of ice cream is frozen with liquid nitrogen, all in front of our eyes, thus creating a much creamier and silkier texture. The iced candy can be put together by ourselves: first you have to choose the size and then the base, which can be a classic ice cream or yogurt. Finally, we have to decide on the taste, which is not easy, as we find exciting variations here such as halva, coconut, peanut butter, coffee, mint, apple pie or popcorn.

Friddi | Bucharest

Friddi’s cozy ice cream parlor was born out of a passion for artisanal ice cream and dedication to the high-quality ingredients nature can offer. For the ice cream made according to the Italian recipe, quality ingredients such as Madagascar vanilla, Sicilian bio pistachio or South African chocolate are used. In addition to milk-based ice creams, Friddi also offers a wide selection of fruity sorbets and ice cream cakes to sweet-toothed customers.

Bringatanya | Gyenesdiás

Anyone who has ever cycled around Lake Balaton must have run into one of the best ice cream parlors in Europe, the Bringatanya (bicycle farm) in Gyenesdiás. On the counter, among the cooked, creamy ice creams and ice cream specialties, we find several award-winning flavors, such as last year’s bronze-medal creation called “green lemon with a hint of mint”. Of course, we do not only recommend it to cyclists!

Bob Rock’s Ice Cream Shop | Zadar

Zadar is worth a visit not only for its ancient Roman monuments, medieval churches and socialist buildings, but also for a truly special ice cream parlor. Bob Rock’s ice cream parlor uses the best quality ingredients to make their ice cream creations. Here, everyone is sure to find something to their liking: in addition to the classics, there are also special flavor combinations—such as orange cheesecake or crostata—as well as free-from-all kinds of ice cream.

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