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The new Bölcső Hill lookout in Szentendre is open for the public

This autumn, a new lookout enriched the Bölcső Hill on the border of Szentendre and Pomáz. The view from the tower, which at first glance resembles a Jenga game, offers hikers an exceptional panorama: from one spot, you can admire the town of Szentendre, the Pilisszentlászló hillside, the Lom hill or even the mountain range of the Mátra.

The work that provides a 360-degree view was designed by the Ybl Prize-winning architect József Kollár, whose name is also associated with other Hungarian lookouts, including the one in the Prédikálószék and the Dévényi Antal viewpoint at Nagy-Kopasz hill. Throughout history, many ideas have been implemented and then demolished on this site: there has been a lookout resembling a high-stand, a private property with a tourist trail, a view of an air defense base, or the Dreher family estate, where no strangers were allowed— in recent decades, nature ruled the area. Pilis Park Forest, together with other hiking organizations, decided to revitalize the site, and this led to the inauguration on 25 November of the new seven-meter lookout, whose exciting feature is that the prefabricated elements were transported by hand during construction due to the narrow path. The unique building and viewpoint can be reached from two super hiking trails from the Lajos spring; the existing green triangle and the newly completed yellow triangle both lead here.

Source: Turista Magazin

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