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The ORA architectural studio has revived this Czech wine house

The ORA studio has given the wine house in Pavlov, Czech Republic, a new guise. During the project, the renovated winery complex was expanded with additional spaces, including an imposing wine bar and a cozy terrace. Get to know the story of Reisten, renewed in the spirit of a raw and transparent concept!

The original building of the winery was completed in 2010 according to the plans of the architectural studio Burian-Křivinka, however, many parts of the initial project were not even implemented. One of the new owner’s primary desires was to revive the original wine house. The designers broke the space with window openings facing each other and gave way to light. Thanks to the large-sized doors and windows, the lighted and breathing space became transparent from the moment of entry. Another central role was given to a huge, wide-edged glass window, where you can relax with a glass of wine and enjoy the wonderful view.

The interior wall surfaces have been stripped down to concrete, the floor has been given a deep burgundy hue reminiscent of red wine, thanks to which we don’t have to panic even if we accidentally spill a little drink while tasting wine. The customized furniture was delicately fitted into the interiors. With its modern appearance, the huge elliptical chandelier hanging above the bar counter fits perfectly into the visual identity of the winery. Sitting on a bench made of wooden slats attached to the wall and under the unique lampshades reminiscent of a demijohn, we can see the wine rack covering the entire opposite wall, which consists of a fine composition of steel bars wrapped with leather straps. Last but not least, a huge terrace with oak floors complements the new wine bar under the open sky. From here, in addition to the nearby vineyards, you can also enjoy the wonderful panorama of the peak of the Děvín.

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