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Hundreds of artworks available at great prices in two Budapest galleries

Between September 1 and 23, the Virág Judit Gallery and the Bodó Gallery and Auction House will be hosting an unusual exhibition and fair. More than 600 works by painter and graphic artist Miklós Németh will be on sale, giving visitors the chance to decorate their walls with contemporary paintings at affordable prices.

Miklós Németh (1934-2012) is known for his colorful nudes and still lifes exuding a positive mood. A free exhibition of his life-affirming works will be open to the public in both galleries, featuring not only paintings but also personal documents, objects, writings, and his own handwritten autobiography. The sale of much of the extensive oeuvre that has remained intact was initiated by the owner of the collection. 

“Miklós Németh is a bright spot of Hungarian contemporary art, and we are happy to promote contemporary art as widely as possible. Németh’s works are affordable yet unique. Whoever buys such a painting not only brings a pleasant atmosphere into their home or office but also enriches their environment with a unique work of art”, explains Anna Kelen, art historian and managing director of Virág Judit Gallery.

Source: Press Release

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