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Black is the new black in Tylko’s new furniture collection

The Polish minimalist furniture brand Tylko enhanced the classic pieces of its Type 02 product line with a new, matt black collection. The elegant and timeless shelving system works equally well in living and working spaces, it is a real design staple.

The internationally popular brand with its high-quality, sophisticated products is fully adapted to individual needs. Its furniture is not only adjustable but also versatile: by combining the luxury of personalized design with the most modern technology, customers can design their storage system through an intuitive 3D online interface. In addition, the durable items are produced only on order, with environmental protection in mind.

The premium quality furniture family, which fits into the modern interior, is characterized by geometric contours and straight-line compositions with a velvety touch and fingerprint-free surfaces. With its spectacular yet restrained elements, it creates a calm and warm atmosphere in contemporary interiors.

Photos: Clemens Poloczek

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