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Unity of two cities | Open Air Museum Cieszyn

Located on the border of the small towns of Cieszyn in Poland and Český Tĕšín in the Czech Republic, the Open Air Museum commemorates historical divisions and shows that local communities can work together even if they are separated by a border. Pieces of special street furniture on the banks of the Olza River are also the carriers of this message.

The rebuilt quay was designed by the architects of the RS+ Robert Skitek studio. Their task was to create an attractive public space for an exhibition on the history of the divided city.

The construction was hampered by the fact that we could only work on a very narrow, wooded and rather neglected strip of land on the steep bank of the Olza River.

Robert Skitek (architect)

As a result of the project, a walking and cycling path was created, which was made even more attractive by the creation of new green spaces. Covered berths and seats have been placed on the coast, which are a favorite resting place for residents and tourists. The most important element, however, is the openness also conveyed by the museum, which symbolizes the unity of the two cities.

Photos: Tomasz Zakrzewski

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