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Water world behind the glass | TOP 5

The wonders and mysteries of the underwater world are not as far away from us as we might think. Fantastic aquatic creatures and wildlife are brought close to us by beautiful aquariums, no matter how far away we are from the original habitats. Today we have compiled our collection from the most beautiful and special aquariums in Eastern Europe.

Haus des Meeres | Austria

In Vienna we find Haus de Meeres, the House of the Sea. The aquarium is made special not only by sea and freshwater fish and sharks, but also by the unusual building in which it is housed. In Fritz-Grünbaum-Platz, a former air defense tower houses the water zoo. Then, climbing two hundred steps, you can get up to the roof terrace of the tower, from where you can enjoy the unique panorama of Vienna’s city center. Another attraction of the aquarium is the Atlantic Tunnel: here you can walk through a unique ten-meter glass tunnel.

Obří Aquarium | Czech Republic 

The Hradec Králové, a year-round facility with a total volume of more than one hundred and thirty thousand liters in its pools, is the worthy owner of the title of the largest aquarium in the Czech Republic. There is also an underwater aquarium, a rainforest and a piranha café. The latter provides an exclusive environment for both visitors and the general public to relax in a completely unique setting with a cup of coffee. 

Acvariu Constanța | Romania

The port city of Constanta is home to one of the most special aquariums in Romania, with a beautiful building built in the middle of the twentieth century as an annex to the city’s famous casino, which has been operating in its current function since 1958. The aquarium on the Black Sea coast has long been the only such facility in Romania, and even today visitors can encounter hundreds of exotic animal species. 

Gdynia Aquarium | Poland

The Gdynia Aquarium is more than just an attraction. In addition to presenting marine species, its mission is also to convey knowledge about aquatic life: it can be seen mostly as a zoo enclosed in a single space, in which all living things are vitalized by water. The gap-filling institution also provides space for scientific research and ecological studies, and promotes animal protection widely. 

Aquatika | Croatia

The freshwater aquarium in the town of Karlovac is open to everyone from the earliest age, but the institution also welcomes researchers with open arms. With the support of the European Union, it presents to visitors how uniquely special and rich aquatic life Croatia has. 

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