From church to pasta shop | Aliz Borsa X Buono!

From church to pasta shop | Aliz Borsa X Buono!

Awarded the best in the world for olive oils, balsamic vinegars, various olives, capers in salt, real Italian coffee beans and many other classic Italian ingredients—this is Buono!, a tiny olive oil and pasta shop that brings a small slice of Italy to Teréz Boulevard. The visual identity of the grocery store was also inspired by Italian culture, and graphic designer Aliz Borsa was responsible for its design.

In Italian cuisine, it all depends on fresh, local ingredients: this is the philosophy that Buono! olive oil and pasta shop shares too—a small shop with plenty of premium quality delicacies that will satisfy the desires of not only renowned restaurants but ordinary people as well. The owner of the shop is Giuseppe Scaricamazza, a half-Italian, half-Hungarian olive oil and pasta trader: he defines not only the repertoire and spirituality, but also the appearance of Buono!.

Giuseppe is from the city of Teramo in southern Italy, in the Abruzzo region. Here you can find the Church of San Donato in Castelli, with a coffered ceiling. The coffers were made of painted majolica tiles, on which the ecclesiastical and public worships who built the church, the superiors of the city, and the natural motifs and animals of the area were captured. Giuseppe has been attached to this place since he was a child—copies of the tiles can also be found in the shop. Aliz, the graphic designer of the brand identity, was also inspired by these tiles when she created the main symbol of Buono!: a bird holding an olive branch.

The motifs on the coffers of the church are reflected not just in the emblem of Buono!, but also in other elements: in its logo, loyalty card, wrapping paper, labels for glass products, a canvas bag for oranges, bergamots and lemons, and a stamp made for a traditional Christmas sweet bread called panettone.

During the design process, I borrowed a book about the church, and when we came up with the product names, we chose a character for each of them. Female worship names for feminine words and male ones for masculine words. I redesigned each figure: at times I combined two characters, at other times I added secret motifs to them, and there’s something not even Giuseppe knows about: I immersed myself in this world. It’s a very rewarding designer assignment,” Aliz said.

Aliz is currently working on standardizing the pasta labels and the webshop of Buono! will also get a new look in the near future. If you are also a lover of Italian gastronomy, or just love food made from fresh and high quality ingredients, discover the offer of Buono!.

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