From serving design basics to service design methodology | Piqniq pack—Part 3

From serving design basics to service design methodology | Piqniq pack—Part 3

What’s the secret to a perfect dish, beyond the harmony of flavors? What’s the Hungarian fish market like? Or what should a restaurant owner do when faced with the warning signs of employees being burnt out? Lastly, what does gastronomy have to do with service design? A lot, especially if you want to build a well-established business. Find out more in Piqniq Pack—Part 3!

PODCAST: Burnout in gastronomy—recognizing the warning signs to reaching a solution

The burnout phenomenon is one that affects all professions, however, the hospitality industry is particularly hard hit due to being under increased physical and mental strain. In Piqniq Budapest’s fourth podcast, we explore this complex phenomenon with the help of burnout coach Csilla Csatlós, and the chef at the top of her game, Rozina Wossala, who will also offer tips on how to recognize and manage the symptoms of burnout at both an individual and team level.

VIDEO: A forest-inspired dish to the plate—The basics of serving design with Pajta’s chef

During the dining experience, while the taste of the food is undoubtedly the most important factor, the visual experience is also a deciding component. Richárd Farkas, Pajta’s chef, shows us how to bring a forest-inspired dish to the plate. He shares his ideas on how certain ingredients can be presented through different textures when serving, and gives tips on what you should consider to present the perfect plate in front of your guests.

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PATRON: The role of fish in gastronomy—A workshop on the processing of aquatic creatures in cuisine

In gastronomy, a special place has always been reserved for fish. Although every restaurateur would like to have fish on their menu, many are afraid of it—as fish is difficult to process, store, prepare, and serve.

Péter Palotás, aka “Fishmonger”, owner of the Budaörs Fish Market, the Fishmonger “fishwebshop” and the Bigfish restaurants, will hold a 3-hour workshop for 5 people, in which he’ll present different types of fish, their processing and handling methods, as well as tips on how to serve them.

In the ’90s, Péter Palotás made the transition from being a chef to working in the fish trade. After the initial few hundred kilograms of Norwegian salmon, nowadays thousands of kilograms of fresh fish from all over the world are now flow into the Budaörs Fish Market he founded. As the owner of Dokk Buffet, Fishmonger and the Bigfish restaurants, he’s a leading figure in the Hungarian fish market.

HOW-TO: Are you looking towards improving your gastronomy business? Start thinking in terms of service design!

Professional Partner: Bence Bogár

Back in the old days, if a baker wanted to open a shop, all he had to do was check how many bakers were in the village. If there were none, or only a few, he could simply put up a trade sign and light the oven. While in the old days, it was enough to have a high level of knowledge to start a business, nowadays, it’s best to have a business, technology, and communications expert on your team if you want to succeed in your chosen field. Service design can be one of the most important tools on the road to success. How should you get the ball rolling? Find out in this how-to article!

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