Glamorous camping | TOP 5

Glamorous camping | TOP 5

Nomadic sense of freedom and splendor—the free world of glamping conquers more and more places. It is no accident, as it perfectly combines the feeling of comfortable hotel rooms with the wild lust of nature. In our selection today, we present Eastern European places where both the eternal hiker and the traveler looking to relax will feel good.

Chateau Ramšak Glamping | Slovenia

In the heart of the Slovenian wine region, luxury and nature can be found at the same time. Chateau Ramšak Glamping is a perfect choice for wine lovers, as there are several hectares of vineyards surrounding the estate. Besides the grapes, water plays the main role: in addition to the stream flowing through the estate, each suite also has a hot tub. Glamping breathes together with its surroundings, the constant company of those resting here is provided by chirping birds and curious deers.

Glamping Mandra | Ukraine

There is no better feeling than listening to the night water roar! The chic minimalism of Glamping Mandra fits perfectly with waterfront life. Breezy, simple, perfectly comfortable—while it is under the open sky.

Nomád Hotel & Glamping | Hungary

At the Nomád Hotel & Glamping in Noszvaj, everyone with a green soul will find an alternative: a bungalow, a bubble, a yurt and a container house. The fancy names of the flats perfectly reflect the style they represent. The Távol Afrikától (far from Africa) tent and the Parancsnoki (commander) tent are reminiscent of a true Victorian safari, while a yurt called Ancsi is a romantic ancient nook. One of the most interesting parts of the glamping is the Buborék (bubble), where you can lie in bed and admire the sky.

Gora Glamping | Bulgaria

The tents of Gora Glamping are literally surrounded by trees. The campsite is in the woods and by the sea at the same time, as the roar of the water can be heard from a few steps away. Gora is located next to the Black Sea, so it is recommended for both beach vacations and hiking.

Wegloo | Romania

Sleeping under the stars may never have been so luxurious. The galactic experience is located in the Prahova Valley in an unspoilt area surrounded by mountains. A truly romantic setting doesn’t exclude luxury—a hot tub, minibar, fireplace and millions of stars in the sky.

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