HIGHLIGHTS | Colored world

HIGHLIGHTS | Colored world

Every week, we bring you even more exciting creative projects, this time we take you into the realm of maps. These colorful illustrations as well as encourage us to visit a region, also give us a better insight into the daily lives of the people living there. Let’s have a look at them!

We often come to the conclusion, that the traditional map is a thing of the past. Even leaving paper-based information behind, the digital age and society cannot completely divorce from the analog genre. Although in many areas of life our devices are changing—our phone book turns into an app, our books into e-books, our written letters into emails—the basic function remains the same: to deliver information.

While maps for orientation are nowadays mostly available digitally, in many cases—for example at an event—it is necessary to use guides that include additional information. The purpose of these creative maps is no longer just to provide raw information, but to help persuade the recipient by conveying a flavor, experience, or atmosphere. They tell you a visual story about local life, hobbies and attractions.

In all cases, an essential factor is the skilled creative, without whose dynamic illustrative world, these would remain nothing but dry mountains of information. Join us around the world!

Canada Map | London, United Kingdom
Neil Stevens

seoul | Szöul, South-Korea
illo .

A Map of London | Bukarest, Romania
Diana Stanciulescu

Isometric Maps: Transport for Ireland | Bandung, Indonesia
Abiyasa Adiguna Legawa

Istanbul Map Illustration | Bodrum, Turkey
Kürşat Ünsal

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