Let the game begin! | TOP 5

Let the game begin! | TOP 5

For families with children, a playground is always a good choice, whether it’s a weekend program at home or a longer holiday abroad. In addition, the playgrounds stir not only the children’s, but also the designers’ imagination: Alice in Wonderland, Solar System or Pirate Farm, in these playgrounds the games are built around the most exciting themes. In today’s selection, the games play the main role!

Giant balloon and integrated toys | City Park Main Playground, Budapest

The City Park Main Playground awaits children on more than thirteen thousand square meters, where all ages can find slide systems, nest swings, carousels, teeter-totters and classic swings, ropeways, rotating games, individual and group spring riders and trampolines, which are accompanied by several sandboxes and water games. The central element of the playground is a three-level jungle gym inspired by Pál Szinyei Merse’s painting Balloon. We would like to highlight that some of the toy elements have a special, integrated design so that healthy and disabled children can play on them together.

Photos: minimatine.hu

Wonderland from mosaic | Landscape Alley Park, Kyiv

You can find quite special playgrounds in Ukraine, however, the Landscape Alley playground still stands out from the rest. The park features seventeen statues and installations, as well as fountains and other unusual attractions, all inspired by magical tales, stunning characters and magnificent landscapes. The colorful playground covered with mosaics evokes Alice in Wonderland.

Photos: theculturetrip.com

Pirate Park in Slovenia | North City Park Navje, Ljubljana

Pirate ship, lighthouse, slides, tendrils and swings in one place: not far from the Ljubljana train station, the playground in Navje Park is guaranteed to stir the children’s imagination! The park is easily accessible and an exciting place for all ages, as there is a memorial park, a pedestrian zone and various cultural programs in the park.

Space walk in Poland | Wrocław

After the pirates in Slovenia, we head towards Wrocław, where children can become astronauts while playing to get acquainted with the Solar System. You can slide, climb, swing or play on the carousel between two planets. The entire playground is covered with synthetic rubber, making it a particularly safe terrain for the little ones.

Photos: wrodzice.pl

Huge playground with a yellow camel | Areál hier Radosť Štrkovec, Bratislava

At the end of our list, we recommend the largest playground in Bratislava. Accessible by both car and public transport, the playground at Lake Strkovec has everything children want: jungle gym systems, slides, a climbing wall and a sandpit with a yellow camel in the middle. There is also a ping pong table, a beach volleyball court, a running track around the lake, and a mobile ice rink in winter.

Photos: planetslovakia.sk, kamsdetmi.sk

Source: Liget Budapest, The Culture Trip, Visit Ljubljana, Wrodzice, Planet Slovakia

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