New pop-up store brings new life to Budafoki Street | Dinghi

New pop-up store brings new life to Budafoki Street | Dinghi

A lot depends on timing, and indeed Budas newest pop-up shop could not have opened at a better time. Dinghi is located on Budafoki Road, parallel to Bartók Béla Boulevard. It is close enough to the ”boulevard” and the University of Technology, the bustling hub of the eleventh district, to get into its bloodstream. But far enough from them to enjoy its pole position.

The founders would prefer to leave the definition of the space open, hence the name pop-up store. But there is much more to it than that. Pop-up store, gallery, shop, community space, coworking space, modern community center, to name but a few. It was founded in Újbuda as a joint temporary base for Filip’s workshop on Népsziget, Valéria Gallery and Urbanum, where Filip’s furniture and interior design objects, as well as the vegetable paintings of Képbani are presented alongside many other fine and applied arts and design products.

The basic concept was inspired by the redundant spaces of Budapest. The founders started with the idea that there are many spaces in the capital that only serve a certain function for a certain period of time. With Urbanum, an interdisciplinary urban platform, the space is arranged to serve a function all day long (it functions as an office in the morning and is open to the public in the afternoon), in the spirit of coexistence and of giving value to and integrating local space. In addition to promoting the place, the idea of different people and creators working together as a community in one space seemed an exciting idea for them.

They want to show as many things as possible during the sixty days they are open. The space is constantly changing, with a new exhibition and event every day. Some of the works are integrated into the space, and some of them find a buyer in the meantime. This means that we will never see the same setup. There is no endpoint when the space itself is complete, but rather a constant evolution.

The one-day exhibitions were inspired by the celebration of the Studio Gallery’s existence (a different exhibition was on show every day for fifty days) and by the old exhibition habits, as most people visit the new exhibitions on the opening day. The concept is further supported by a ”showcase gallery” in front of the shop, run by the crime scene investigator Kristóf Kovács (Gergely Sajnos), who is also behind the Gyros in the Pocket project. In the glass-enclosed showcase, a new piece of art takes the title of ”artwork of the day” every day. This curatorial practice is reminiscent of the window display practice of the old days. It stops, amazes and engages passers-by, regardless of age or interest. The exhibitions are structured in the same way, with the works of art being accompanied by purchasable pieces of furniture that become installation elements, and are also constantly rotating.

The space will feature works by a wide range of artists, both fine and applied. The project plan was very easy to put together. It was almost a natural selection of artists and designers with local ties or working nearby, for whom Dinghi is a place to meet and connect.

Recently, merch products from the Rios skateboard collective were on display. This week, we will also have the opportunity to see the photos of Újlipótváros by Csaba Berkei and the space installation by painter Gábor Pintér. In addition, we can also see the works of recently graduated young artists and on weekends there will be workshops on a variety of topics: textile designer Edit Rajcsányi will host an upcycling bag-making workshop, and the pop-up space will be transformed into a conceptual confectionery for a day.

Synergies and congruencies shape Dinghi, which will be open to visitors until 24 December on Budafoki Road. This is the perfect place to drop by if you have no idea but want a really cool and unique Christmas gift. If you’d like to spend time in a super colorful, ever-changing art space. If you live in the area, but even if you don’t and if you’re just curious, you’re welcome!

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