One day with Karla Gruszecka in Warsaw

One day with Karla Gruszecka in Warsaw

Karolina Gruszecka is a modern, urban woman, and works as a contributing fashion editor to Vogue Poland besides being a successful fashion stylist. Her vibrant personality, boundless energy, and creativity can be found in everything she puts her name to. Karla gives her all in everything she does, which is why she makes sure to spend her free time mindfully: short rituals and nature not only bring her inner peace but also inspire her.

Her fifth-floor home in Warsaw, with its seventies elegance, Italian sophistication, and Karla’s sense of humor, is an ever-changing stage for a night with friends, a yoga mat, as well as a Vogue editorial corner. This interview was published in print in Hype&Hyper 2021/2.


What is the one thing you do every morning?

All my mornings are completely different. When I swapped the office for my home—as a result of COVID-19—my morning habits changed too. On some mornings I put on a one-hour-long facemask, sip on a fresh coffee and read my emails  from bed, on other days I start with kickboxing lessons or stretching which also calms me down after a long day on set.

What would you love to do in the morning but usually don’t have time for?

Reading books in bed and having a face massage.

Which outfit or item always saves your day?

Clothes express who we are and say a lot about our personality and mood.

I like dressing eclectically, but it also depends on my plans for the day, how I feel, and how much time I have to get ready. My go-to set is my black leather Hugo Boss boots, Toteme leather coat, Magda Butrym jacket, Levi’s shorts, and a cashmere sweater.


What’s your favorite type of cuisine?

I’m crazy about Israeli and Mexican cuisine. Food is the most important aspect  when I choose my holiday destination. My last trip to Mexico was full of amazing culinary experiences, and as we were shooting at a food market and I had the chance to try all the local delicacies.

What do you like the most about your job?

I’m passionate and obsessive about what I do. Many times I don’t even realize I’m working, as my job is my hobby and passion in one. Day by day I’m surrounded by amazing people with beautiful objects and clothes in fantastic places. This is what makes my work so unique.

Working with talented Polish photographers, set designers, hairdressers and make-up artists was always my life goal. I aim to support the Polish industry as much as I can.

How has living in Warsaw influenced your work?

Warsaw is a city of history witnessing great evolution even today—we need to know its story to understand it better. Working in the fashion industry in Poland is not a piece of cake, it’s constantly challenging, this is what makes it so satisfying and motivating when something great comes together. The Polish landscape is also amazing, so when the weather allows us to, I often use it as the backdrop for our shoots.


What counts as a classic night-out for you in Warsaw?

I prefer staying at home to going out. I love cooking and having a great time with friends.

What is your unmissable evening ritual?

Spa moments at home: a long, hot bath, great music, and wine.

Hot Spots

Places to have fun

Regina – Koszykowa 1. 00-564 Warsaw, Poland

Paloma Inn Bar – Hoża 58. 00-682 Warsaw, Poland

alewino– Mokotowska 48. 00-543 Warsaw, Poland

Inspiring places

Polin Museum – Museum of the History of Polish Jews – Mordechaja Anielewicza 6. 00-157 Warsaw, Poland

Zachęta – National Gallery of Art – plac Stanisława Małachowskiego 3. 00-916 Warsaw, Poland

Koszyki – Koszykowa 63. 00-667 Warsaw, Poland

The best coffee in town

Cafe Stor – Tamka 33. 00-355 Warsaw, Poland

Bristol Hotel – Krakowskie Przedmieście 42/44. 00-325 Warsaw, Poland

Relaks – Puławska 48.  00-999 Warsaw, Poland

Perfect weekend spots

Wozownia Bar – Nowy Świat 1.  00-496 Warsaw , Poland

Łazienki Park – Warsaw, Poland

Jassmine – Nobu Hotel Warsaw – Wilcza 73 00-670 Warsaw, Poland

Insider tips

Koło Bazaar – Obozowa 99. 01-433 Warsaw, Poland

GaliluMokotowska 63. 00-533 Warsaw, Poland

jagg. – Mokotowska 28. 00-558 Warsaw, Poland

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