POV Budapest

POV Budapest

Hungary’s First-Ever Design Conference is arriving on September 19-20 at the National Dance Theater

We are excited to announce the launch of POV Budapest (Point of View Budapest), a groundbreaking design conference dedicated to visual practices. This event will not only showcase some of the most prominent and exciting names from the global design scene but also offer an immersive experience to explore Budapest from a unique perspective.

Lineup and Program

The event will feature top-tier studios, creative directors, art directors, and more. We are pleased to announce the first few international names: Porto Rocha, Pentagram, Snøhetta, Koto, Bleed, ABC Dinamo, Kurppa Hosk, Anna Kulachek, Serafim Mendes, Studio Herrström, and FIELD. These firms and individuals collaborate with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Nike, Apple, Mastercard, WhatsApp, Netflix, Discord, Uber, Airbnb, Beatport, Pinterest, and Upwork.

In addition to engaging talks and workshops, we're extending the experience beyond our event venue into the heart of Budapest with performances, design walks, and a vibrant assortment of side events. We've partnered with We Love Budapest to curate a guide that highlights the city’s often overlooked creative scene—from art-deco spas to cutting-edge cuisine, and from artsy bars to avant-garde museums.

Strategic Media Partner

We are pleased to announce our international Strategic Media Partner, The Brand Identity magazine. The Brand Identity is a major graphic design resource platform that reaches approximately 850K people in the design community. With their support, we are targeting a broader, global audience.


Despite Budapest's status as a prestigious cultural destination in the heart of Europe—a city rich in culture, boasting numerous renowned design institutions, and home to world-famous artists, designers, architects, and photographers—we still lacked a platform to gather, share ideas, learn, and connect with fellow creatives. We wanted to change this.

By organizing the country's first design conference, we aim to enhance international collaboration, foster inspiration, and boost the growth of the local design community.


Curatorial Topic

As screen time continues to soar in 2024, major tech companies still dominate our digital world with their design standards and visuals. With machine learning advancing, their influence only expands, risking a one-size-fits-all visual culture.
While the world of art offers unlimited creative expression, our visual culture is significantly shaped by applied visual practices. Creative individuals and teams are more crucial than ever, acting as bridges between client needs and our visual culture.
POV Budapest invites leading minds from a variety of visual practices to share their work, their challenges, and their visions for the future.

Founders & Organizers

POV Budapest was founded by two local studios: COMET and CM.SUPPLY. Both studios are prominent and influential players in the Hungarian design and digital studio scene, with several years of experience and approximately 40 people in total resources.