Our favorite quality artisanal jams | TOP 5

Our favorite quality artisanal jams | TOP 5

Delicious, easy to make it last, healthy and we could eat almost all of it: jams are the eternal favorites of all generations. In our selection today, we brought manufactories where better and better jams are made with devoted work, respect for traditions and modern creativity, maintaining the tradition of making jams.

Mom Cooks Jam | Ukraine

Kyiv-based Mom Cooks Jam is a prime example of a new kind of craft: the brand’s creator makes special jams at home and sells them online worldwide. The demand for homemade jams is constantly growing, which is no wonder, as aesthetic packaging and rarer flavors like pine jam are attracting attention.

Kaldeneker | Hungary

Kaldeneker, also known as the jam house in Hungary, has grown into one of the most sought-after craft jam brands with the creative recipes and outstanding quality of the founder György Kaldeneker.

Photos: @lekvaroshaz (facebook)

Nona | Croatia

Traditions and home-made flavors in a modern way: Uje, also known for its excellent olive oils, created its own jam brand, Nona, with this slogan. Traditional Croatian jams are made from fruits from organic farming, with which we immediately feel at home after tasting.

Photos: @ujeoliveoilshop (facebook)

Pivnita Bunicii | Romania

Pivnita Bunicii in Romania labels homemade jams from local small producers, making them available to a wider audience. Homemade flavors and natural quality are guaranteed.

Photos: @PivnitaBunicii (facebook)

Berce | Slovenia

The Berce family estate in Slovenia produces fine wines from its own grapes and homemade jams from its own fruit in an idyllic setting, produced entirely by the family working together.

Photos: www.posestvo-berce.si

Mom Cooks Jam | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Kaldeneker | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Nona | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Pivnita Bunicii | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Berce | Web | Facebook

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