Salvador Dalí has perhaps never been more feminine than in this Gdańsk café! | Słodko

Salvador Dalí has perhaps never been more feminine than in this Gdańsk café! | Słodko

In the heart of Lower Wrzeszcz, at 2a Aldony Street, is a little café that perfectly reflects its owner’s spirit. Agnieszka, the visionary behind Café Słodko, loves three things in particular: good food, pink, and Salvador Dalí—how they come together in this space of less than 60 square meters was the work of the bo/sko studio.

The interior is bathed in a thousand shades of pink, from light powder rose to Barbie pink, enhanced by red accessories, adding to the play of hues. The red grout between the white tiles also adds to the dynamism of the space, while the occasional Dalí-like figures add an exciting contour.

Both Agnieszka and the designers agreed to replace the obvious depictions with subtle references to Dalí, as the owner has other ties to the Spanish painter beyond his work. For the generation raised in the 1990s, Salvador Dalí’s name conjures up associations with the famous perfume bottle on their mothers’ shelves—the designers wanted this to be a motif, not a trivial reference: the perfume and tiger motif on the wall by the stairs is an interpretation of this popular interpretation. Although Salvador Dalí himself appears directly in one place—a portrait of the artist hanging on the wall is the owner’s own keepsake.

Guests can choose between green, red, and terrazzo tables, with burgundy chairs from Danish brand HAY. Deep windowsills have been converted into additional seating, and a high table just inside the café entrance accommodates those looking for a quick coffee.

Another alternative for additional seating is a red plywood staircase with built-in small tables. This space can also be used to display plants or interesting installations that suggest the theme and thus the complexity of the space.

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Source: Label Magazine