Spas in modern guise | TOP 5

Spas in modern guise | TOP 5

A spa can be of many types: a modern building with a historical look, floating in elegant splendor or satisfying all needs. In our selection today, we looked for examples of the latter. We have chosen our favorites from the baths and spas that speak the language of modern and contemporary architecture. Our modern Eastern European spa panorama follows.

Paracelsus Bad & Kurhaus | Austria

The Paracelsus bath, which opened in 2019, is located in the historic city center of Salzburg. It illuminates and interacts with the natural image of the city. It reflects the surrounding mountains with its lightweight yet extremely dynamic exterior façade. At the same time, the visual, geometric overall picture also includes the 19th-century architecture of the surrounding streets. Thanks to the solutions of the Berger+Parkkinen studio, bathers can enjoy a wonderful panorama of the city from the top level.

Photo: Christian Richters

Pesterzsébet Iodine-Salty Spa and Bath | Hungary

During the design of the spa, the architects of Archikon used all the features of water. Its liquid materiality is counterbalanced by the hardness of the granite used in the bath, which also refers back to historical bathing. The glazed ceramic tiles used on the resting areas reflect the play of the ever-changing water surface.

Photo: Tamás Bujnovszky

Istarske Toplice | Croatia

One of the most special spas in Croatia, Istarske Toplice, stretches along steep mountain peaks in a fabulous location. The water of the high-sulfur St. Stephen’s spring makes its way between the mountains. The healing power of the water and the restrained design that allows the stunning environment to prevail make the Istrian spa unusual.

Rimske Terme | Slovenia

Our selection also includes the Rimske Terme bath in Slovenia. Combining the architecture of old times with modern visual language, the spa is really unusual not only in its appearance, but also in its interior solutions.

Palatinus Thermal Bath, Public and Wave Pool | Hungary

One of the examples of modern Hungarian architecture between the two world wars is the Palatinus Bath in Budapest. Not so long ago, in 2017, the reconstruction of the Margaret Island building was completed. Thanks to the Archikon architectural studio, the Palatinus has not only been renewed, but has retained the essence of

Photo: Tamás Bujnovszky

Paracelsus Bad & Kurhaus | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Pesterzsébet Iodine-Salty Spa and Bath | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Istarske Toplice | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Rimske Terme | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Palatinus Thermal Bath, Public and Wave Pool | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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