Stories behind exciting photo series from the region | TOP 5

Stories behind exciting photo series from the region | TOP 5

To nostalgize, to take photos in a therapeutic way, or in this way to preserve the last days of a passing tribe. From the magnificent landscapes of Eastern Europe, the determined photographers travel to even the most unimaginable city in the world to show the true beauty of the landscapes in our neighborhood.

The selection includes a series of photographs taken in lesser-known landscapes of the region, whose stories show the attachment of photographers or their inhabitants to the given locations from various aspects.

Michal Solarski | Hungarian Sea

Twenty years after their vacation, the Polish photographer found an old family photo of Lake Balaton, and after seeing it again, he felt the urge to visit the Hungarian sea.

Roxi Pop | When reality feels more like a dream

The heart-warming quarantine photo diary of the photographer from Mediaș is about finding a home, family, long-distance contact and the healing power of nature.

Natela Grigalasvili | Final Days of Georgian Nomads

In her ongoing project, Grigalasvili has been documenting for years the last days of the Adjarian nomads living in western Georgia, who are slowly leaving their magical mountain home completely for lack of livelihood.

Tadas Kazakevičius | Between two shores

The photographer from Vilnius showed in lyrical images the special bond of the Curonian Spit and its inhabitants. Life on the peninsula, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is not safe, yet the photos express incredible serenity.

Christophe Jacrot | Norilsk (Siberia)

The foggy, pastel-layered photographs of the Parisian photographer, who feels at home in harsh conditions, evoke opposite feelings about one of the world’s officially least livable cities: although the incredible cold is felt in every image, the soft colors and silhouettes behind the blurred layer give romance to the city.

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