Summer, sunshine, free beaches | TOP 5

Summer, sunshine, free beaches | TOP 5

The first stronger rays of the sun in May all reminded us of the beautiful memories of past summers. We hope that we will have the opportunity to have new experiences again this year. In addition to good weather and sunshine, all that is needed is a pleasant waterfront environment: in our selection today, we have collected the most attractive free beaches in Eastern Europe.

Mostar, Old Bridge

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, we can find the city of Mostar, where, in a really special place, the main role is not so much bathing as cliff diving. Locals, but even qualified ones, prefer to jump from the Neretva Stari bridge, that is the Old Bridge, which runs through the city, into the crystal clear water.

Kisoroszi Island Peak

We cannot forget the wonderful waterfront of our country, Hungary either, of which the free beaches of the Danube Bend stand out. In our selection, we present the Island Peak in Kisoroszi. The pebble beach is more than five hundred meters long along the Danube. An amazing sight unfolds before us where the two branches of the river meet. At the northernmost part of Szentendre Island, we can enjoy all the natural features of the Danube bank in a nature reserve.

Masurian Lakes

In Poland, we can find the Masurian Lake District, also known as the land of a thousand lakes, which is actually made up of more than four thousand lakes that have survived since the Ice Age. It is a real paradise for lovers of water and outdoor sports. Untouched nature expects visitors here, which is why it is worth coming for a longer period of time so that we can really enjoy the wonderful waterfront.


The largest lake in the province of Tyrol, the Achensee, is an ideal place to bathe in summer. In addition to its many free beaches, the incredibly clear water of the alpine lake, wedged between mountains in beautiful surroundings, is also a favorable field for diving lovers.

Lake Bohinj

Slovenia’s largest lake is located in the heart of the Julian Alps, in the Bohinj Valley, which was created by a glacier. After a refreshing swim, we can take a pleasant walk on the picturesque waterfront footpath, which attracts nature lovers in winter and summer too.

Photos: Valentina Photo, RossHelen, Balázs Mohai, Achensee Tourismus, bergfex

Source: Balkáninfo, Turista magazin, Visitpoland, Termálfürdő, Earthtrekkers, Trekhunt

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