The best paper brands | TOP 5

The best paper brands | TOP 5

Despite the fact that digitization is dominant in almost every field today, in some things the analog solution is still the winner. Quality paper products are experiencing an increasing renaissance: in our selection today, we highlight five manufactories that combine practicality and durability with cool aesthetics.

Lebo Mädved‘ | Slovakia

The small team of Lebo Mädved dreamed big and reached out to traditional themes and materials to create their board games and puzzles. Their products are eye-catching not only because of the use of quality paper, but also because of their educational nature. Hopefully in the future, they will also be available in English so that they can reach as many places as possible.

Madebythe: | Slovakia

The second place in our selection are the Madebythe: simple booklets and diaries. Simple but durable pieces can be really useful accessories for larger trips or long office meetings.

DOT for You | Hungary

The profile of the Hungarian DOT for You is the design and implementation of unique paper products, diaries, notebooks and sketchbooks. Experimenting with traditional bookbinding techniques and applying traditional printing methods are highly emphasized in the design of their products. They do all this from premium raw materials and with a Hungarian design approach.

Lady Pippa Co. | Slovenia

Lady Pippa Co.’s booklets serve well in both school and office environments. If the goal is uniqueness and practicality, you can’t fail with this brand.

Tam & Zpět | Czech Republic

When it comes to quality notebooks or diaries, the Czech love brand is undoubtedly the Tam & Zpět. In addition to the durable design, the brand also places great emphasis on community building, so many key public figures are already committed to their practical accessories.

Lebo Mädved’ | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Madebythe: | Web | Facebook | Instagram
DOT for You | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Lady Pippa Co. | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Tam & Zpět | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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