The most beautiful wineries in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

The most beautiful wineries in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Good wine is like a work of art: it represents value, it carries the culture and traditions of the wine region. A winery thus has to offer more than just fulfilling its functions. In today’s selection of regions, we present our favorites from the outstanding wineries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Organic Winery Rodica | Slovenia

On the Slovenian coast in the town of Truške, you will find the Rodica Winery run by the Rodica family. Taking advantage of and respecting the wonderful natural conditions of the Istrian peninsula, the family manages the viticulture entirely with organic means. The winery’s buildings combine modern architecture with traditional Istrian style, so the Rodica winery is organically connected to its surroundings not only in terms of its means of production but also in its whole appearance.

Photos: Rodica Organic Winery

Kozlović Winery | Croatia

The Kozlović Winery, with an area of more than 2,000 square meters, left nothing to chance. From the smart wine bar through the wine shop, almost everything can be found here that makes the wine tasting experience truly special. Even the smallest details were emphasized during the construction, a diverse, yet unified design permeates the spaces. The Kozlović family has been running the winery for generations, pushing limits to broaden the perspectives of the winery.

Photos: Zeljko Buric

Avincis Winery | Romania

Tradition and modernity meet in the Romanian Avincis Winery. The renewal of the family estate is the work of architect Alexandru Beldiman, who, during the renovation, placed great emphasis on preserving the villa, built in 1905 in Neo-Romanesque style, and fully integrating modern elements into it. The winery blends in the landscape perfectly with the shape of the ship and the Arnota limestone walls, as well as its green roof solution.

Photos: Avincis Winery

Esterházy Etyeki Kúria Winery | Hungary

The Esterházy Etyeki Kúria Winery earned its current appearance based on the designs of the BORD Architectural Studio. The winery was expanded in 2013 with an ultramodern factory and visitor center. The new building elements follow the natural image of the Etyek wine region, so the building complex fits harmoniously into the rhythm of the small wine press-houses that define the character of Öreghegy.

Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

Shabo Wine Culture Center | Ukraine

The last place in our selection is occupied by an odd one: we present not a fifth winery, but a cultural wine center. The Shabo Wine Culture Center is located in the Odesa Region of Ukraine, one of the oldest wine regions in Europe. The institution attracts more than ten thousand visitors a year and also hosts many international events, nurturing local traditions and wine culture.

Photos: postscriptum

Rodica Organic Winery | Web |  Facebook | Instagram
Kozlović Winery | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Avincis Winery | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Etyeki Kúria Borgazdaság Winery | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Shabo Wine Culture Center | Web | Facebook

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