The wonderful linen | TOP 5

The wonderful linen | TOP 5

In the heatwave that lasts for weeks, one of the hardest tasks is figuring out what to wear that is at once breezy yet comfortable to wear. The dress made of natural linen is not only comfortable, but also really pleasant and always fashionable for summer wear. In our selection today, we collected the best brands in Eastern Europe that use this ancient material with great passion.

Why is linen the best choice for summer? This natural fabric helps the body regulate the temperature on the hottest days, as it is breezy and excellent absorbent, but not only absorbs moisture quickly, but also releases it fast. Lightweight and skin-friendly material, thanks to its cool feel, it is really comfortable to wear. Clothes made of linen are almost indestructible, we can wear them for a long time, and over time, these pieces only become even softer and more pleasant over time. The only downside is that it is hard so it can crease easily. Its inelasticity is usually improved by mixing other materials such as cotton or synthetic fibers.

Black Ficus | Ukraine

The founders of Black Ficus were completely impressed by the noble yet imperfect texture of linen. They think it’s the only fabric that looks cool even when wrinkled. Their clothes, made exclusively of pure linen, are at once minimalist, yet unique and elegant pieces.

ŁYKO | Poland

The ŁYKO brand was founded by two sisters, Helena and Maria, who wanted to make durable yet showy clothes. According to them, beauty lies in simplicity and quality materials, so they found a modern, softened version of ancient linen from which clothes, bedclothes and accessories are made.

LUCI | Slovenia

Minimalist, timeless design, comfortable fit and natural, high quality materials. The founders of the Slovenian brand are committed to creating beautiful and sustainable pieces that will accompany us for a lifetime.

Simply Grey | Slovakia

Simply Grey designs its clothes in the spirit of slow fashion: they make pieces made of linen that you can wear all year round and in the following seasons, regardless of trends. Behind each piece is a story about people, work, joy and life.

Elischer R | Hungary

Elischer R is a true mother-daughter business offering sustainable, handmade women’s clothing and home accessories. They make modern, minimalist pieces that have a place in a person’s wardrobe in all seasons. Their goal is to provide options for everyone that are consistent with awareness, love for our land, ourselves, and the environment.

Black Ficus | Web | Facebook | Instagram
ŁYKO | Web | Facebook | Instagram
LUCI | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Simply Grey | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Elischer R | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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