Wonderful observatories | TOP 5

Wonderful observatories | TOP 5

Inaccessible distances and incomprehensible scientific facts: the never-ending mysteries of outer space arouse childish curiosity in almost everyone. Today’s selection was compiled from the most beautiful observatories in Eastern Europe. Enjoy reading and the clear sky!

Kuffner-Sternwarte | Austria

The Kuffner observatory is housed in an imposing building designed by Austrian architect Franz Ritter von Neumann. Founded by the wealthy Kuffner family, the private institution became one of the most important astronomical centers of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in the nineteenth century. In the next century, the building, which has been in the service of science as a public observatory since 1995, went through a lot.

Svábhegy Observatory—Interactive Scientific Center | Hungary

The observatory, located in a beautiful, romantic setting, at the top of the Normafa, is still operating and is open to the general public after moving to Budapest from Ógyalla, the territory of present-day Slovakia, in 1929. The institution is the oldest and largest academic observatory in Hungary, and today we can meet the largest diameter telescope in Hungary here.

Piszkéstető Mountain Station | Hungary

It is one of the largest and best-equipped observatories in Hungary, located in Piszkéstető, Mátra. The observatory was built in several phases, between 1960-1974. Its main building was designed by the Ybl award-winning architect György Szrogh, the other domes were designed by architects Csaba Csontos and Miklós Dobozi. On the one hand, the facility replaced and complemented the function of the Svábhegy institution in the capital, and on the other hand, due to the growing light pollution of the city, it became justified to set up another observatory.

Višnjan Observatory | Croatia

The beautiful town of Višnjan on the Istrian peninsula has been home to the original building of the observatory since 1992. The facility, accessible and open to all, was created on the initiative and with the help of the Višnjan Amateur Astronomers. The institution earned a high rank with its outstanding observations, and between 1995 and 2001, more than one thousand seven hundred celestial bodies were identified. Due to strong light pollution in the early 2000s, the observatory has been forced to close its doors, operating since 2002, three kilometers from the original site.

Astronomical Observatory of the University of Warsaw | Poland

The oldest member of the list is the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Warsaw. The building of the institution, founded in 1825 and dating back almost two centuries of science, is located in the deservedly famous Lazienki Garden.

Kuffner-Sternwarte  | Web | Facebook
Svábhegy Observatory—Interactive Scientific Center | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Piszkéstető Mountain Station | Web
Višnjan Observatory  | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Astronomical Observatory of the University of Warsaw | Web | Facebook

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