360 Design Budapest is back!

360 Design Budapest is back!

Unique creations, international awards, innovative ideas and prominent Eastern European design brands—this year’s Red Dot Award-winning 360 Design Budapest will open its doors again. For the second time, the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency will host the highly successful event at the Bálna between 4 and 10 October. This year, the event again will draw attention to the diverse world of design that surrounds us 360 degrees.

360 Design Budapest is a unique way of showcasing the best of the design scene in Hungary and the region—one of the exhibition’s unhidden aims is to show that design can easily become part of our everyday lives. The innovative display of the creative masterpieces presents the emerging brands of Eastern Europe, both live and digital. Thanks to its outstanding success, the “phigital” (meaning: physical and digital at the same time) exhibition has received several international recognitions: last year, it was awarded by the A’ Design Awards and Competition, the Red Dot Award, and the Eventex Awards, enabling not only domestic visitors but also a much wider international audience to discover the potential of Eastern Europe and the cultural richness of the local design industry, thanks to the best in the business. This year, we get to see the regional face of design in a new concept, with new designers and in a more unique way. Of course, the essence remains the same: to promote Eastern European designers and help design brands step out to the international market. Guided tours and round-table discussions will enrich the multi-day event.

This year, the spotlight won’t shine solely on experienced designers; emerging talent will also get center stage in the exhibition hall, reflecting the diversity of 360 Design Budapest. The exhibition features the exceptional design of BAANTAL, Balázs Botos, Concrazy, Czikcakk, Anna Cserba, Dóra Riederauer, ERROR N’MORE, Forms Design, Itthon Design Studio, KOKOMO Ceramics, Komok, Komonka, FabLab Budapest, Miklós Leits, Loomiosa, Lumoconcept, Meander, Ádám Miklósi, Kristóf Koczka, OBAI, Oleant, Position, Sarakele, Boldizsár Szenteczki, RAWfiction, István Ullmann, ESSTRE, Viaplant and Yoza. The key message of 360 Design Budapest 2021 is the importance of environmental awareness and material-conscious design—presenting its exhibits in a stylish, sustainable way to an aware public.

More interesting facts and information are available on the 360 Design Budapest website and its event.

360 Design Budapest | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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