Art and function—the award-winning concept by Robert Majkut Design

Art and function—the award-winning concept by Robert Majkut Design

Founded in 1996, Robert Majkut Design is a creative studio that has evolved from simple architectural, graphic, and product design and branding assignments to the realization of larger architectural projects. Many innovative ideas are associated with the studio, which produces high-quality work with a distinctive aesthetic sensibility that can be found in many different parts of the world.

Robert Majkut has been designing community spaces for decades, from banks to hotels, but this time he was asked to take on a very different project, which of course incorporated the studio’s unique vision.

Robert Majkut Design had to implement the interior design concept for a Warsaw apartment. Private interiors with specific requirements: the ‘At Barbara’ project, while fully representing the client’s wishes, reveals the studio’s distinctive design features. At the request of the client, Barbara, the apartment bears the post-modern stylistic features of the Italian Memphis Group, which, despite being considered elusive by the literature, are echoed throughout the apartment. The bright, clean colors and the unconventional decoration of the furniture, as well as the odd-looking formal solutions, gave the interior an unrealistic look. Another important feature is the pop-art aesthetic of the sixties and seventies, which further enhances the unusual details.

The color shades and textures are varied, with shimmering blue and green mirrors contrasting with silk and velour wallpapers, creating a vibrant interaction in the interiors. Robert Majkut’s energy and the client’s taste infuse the living space with an artistic sensibility that is sometimes echoed on the silver screen: no coincidence, since the main inspiration for the colors comes from Pedro Almodóvar’s films.

The centerpiece of the project is a mosaic wall, based on a painting by a Canadian artist, which is the kitchen’s main feature. In addition, Majkut was looking for original works that could complement his vision, so he collaborated with the OAK Gallery in Paris, which led to Christophe Gaignon creating a mirror, especially for this project.

The success of ‘At Barbara’ is not only reflected in the client’s delight and satisfaction, but also in the fact that it won the prestigious European Property Award for Interior Design.

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Source: Design Alive, Robert Majkut Design