Car design inspired by skeletons | Ondrej Hlavenka X Lotus

Car design inspired by skeletons | Ondrej Hlavenka X Lotus

This concept made based on the designs of Ondrej Hlavenka is so streamlined, airy and light that it would even be the perfect ride for Spiderman.

Written by: Márk Szolomayer

Nature is our best inspiration for creating modern designs, and the pictures will show just how true that is. Ondrej took a deep inspiration from the basic skeletal of bone that uses the bare minimum building elements while staying structurally strong. This Lotus concept gives a glimpse of the car of the future: with the dense-looking, yet minimalistic forms it is fully focused on performance by removing mass from where it’s not needed. We can sense that Ondrej Hlavenka was heavily inspired by Ross Lovegrove’s organic design approach.

Owing to its well-balanced layout, the supercar reduces the drag, thus providing ideal aerodynamics for achieving top speed which could have a crucial role in a closely contested race.

Presumably later versions will also come with an electric drivetrain, once again due to the constricted space. Due to the organic, web-like concept, the manufacturer might just as well call the vehicle the Lotus Web, and thus offer Spiderman his very own ride in an upcoming movie. Until the spider-painted Lotus is ready, it is worth to further explore the extraordinary design of the car, serving as a perfect example of just how much technology can learn from nature.

Source: YankoDesign

Ondrej Hlavenka | Instagram | YouTube

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