Christmas in a snow globe | Amazon’s holiday ad

Christmas in a snow globe | Amazon’s holiday ad

The pandemic, the war, and the current economical difficulties have prompted brands to take a more sincere approach to their festive advertising, rather than the usual cliché and kitschy Christmas stories. This realistic portrayal can be seen in this year’s advertising made by Amazon, which dares to show a new take on Christmas stories.

The last few years have been a stressful period full of unforeseen change for everyone. Our normal life rhythm has been suddenly disrupted, our everyday relationships and social life got pushed into the background, and we have had to rethink a lot to stay afloat. Unexpected situations and experiences have left the world in a constant state of anxiety, watching events that shape both our present and our future.

This year’s 2.5-minute short film by Oscar-winner Taika Waititi tells a story that probably wouldn’t have had the same impact in the pre-pandemic era as it does now. Instead of gifts, the ad focuses on the power of community and caring, with an emphasis on how to make the most of everyday life. In the commercial, we follow the story of a little girl who refuses to part with her beloved snow globe, preferring to take it with her everywhere she goes, even where her small treasure might cause inconvenience. Together with the father, the viewer comes to understand the significance of the snow globe, which symbolizes an important place in the little girl’s heart that she tries to preserve. A father comes up with a creative and unique gift idea after discovering the reason for his daughter’s attachment. He orders some everyday products from Amazon—which are of course delivered expeditiously—and then teams up with neighbors to transform their family greenhouse into a life-size snow globe, complete with string lights and paper flakes to imitate snowfall. A pinch of ingenuity and attention can bring joy to anyone, that is the message of Joy is Made. The song in the ad, ‘You Hold Me Up’ by Jonathon Linaberry enhances the heart-warming story.

This atmosphere is fitting for December 2022, showing that people have been able to recover from a difficult period through perseverance, ingenuity, and faith in each other. The advert reminds us of our human connections, the strong bonds, and that love can overcome all.

The video is available via this link.

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