Contemporary streetwear for the best nights | Jägermeister

Contemporary streetwear for the best nights | Jägermeister

When will we be able to finally enjoy a night out with our friends? When can we put on our coolest clothes that have been stored in the wardrobe for long months? Even though the pandemic is not over yet, Jägermeister’s first ever international streetwear collection „BEST NIGHTS” brings back the joy of nightlife while also spreading a message of optimism, conveying that we will hopefully soon be able to enjoy our best nights out together again, possibly with a shot of Jägermeister!

Jägermeister has become much more than a characteristic digestif today—it has grown into a lifestyle brand as well. The streetwear collection to be released by the brand in 22 countries including Hungary at the end of January brings a contemporary feeling into our everyday urban life. The one of a kind pieces of the collection convey values important to the brand such as freedom, uniqueness and authenticity. „BEST NIGHTS” is more than streetwear: it is also a unique attitude inspired by club life.

The collection combines the core elements of the Jägermeister brand, streetstyle and bits of nightlife in twelve exclusive pieces—hoodies, T-shirts, trousers and socks. The coordinates of the Jägermeister headquarters in Wolfenbüttel, Germany appear on each piece as unique and distinct symbols connected to the brand.

The outstanding pieces made of 100% organic cotton target the streetwear community and that of Jägermeister worldwide. With its „BEST NIGHTS” campaign, the liquor brand also stands behind an important cause: they will donate one euro per order to United We Stream, an international cultural platform and streaming collective that is deeply committed to supporting club culture during the coronavirus epidemic.

Celebrities have also joined the campaign

Several celebrities have also joined the campaign, including New York-based stylist Bloody Osiris, who is the ambassador of the unmatched collection, but a few well-known young performers from the Hungarian music scene—AKC Misi, Dzsúdló, Manuel, Lili Regán, Mona Rudolf and Szeresd a Trashem Bébi—also gladly joined the campaign as unique and stylish clothing is a priority for all of them.

“I like it when streetwear is combined with a truly exceptional initiative. This is why it is such an honor that I was selected into such an exclusive campaign. I’m more than happy to represent Hungarian trap music in this project,” AKC Misi told us.

Due to the current epidemic, the celebrated fashion icons participating in the international campaign of „BEST NIGHTS” are not only the models of the collection, but also create their own campaign materials. To help them shoot their materials, Jägermeister also sent a special camera set to Swedish model and designer Lisa Anckarman, Slovak rapper and fashion fan Dalibor Stofan a.k.a. DALYB, German blogger and shoe expert Christopher Blumenthal and German Alojz Abram a.k.a. Gramps, who is “probably the oldest streetwear talent” in the world. Thus the artists invited to the project can combine the „BEST NIGHTS” pieces with their own unique styles. The completed fashion editorials will be published as part of the international campaign on the social media platforms of Jägermeister and the participating artists.

“This is the fruit of the work of a selected, professional team”

Jägermeister has also teamed up with Footshop Budapest to implement the campaign in Hungary. “Streetwear is an honest form of self-expression, which is inherently about aesthetics, community and human stories. In light of this, our goal has always been to generate high quality content that carries a meaning, provokes thoughts and is accessible to all. Art, fashion and music are all means of our communication—they are forms of self-expression. In an age when intelligence and the autonomy of the mind seem to be on the wane, we would like to return to creating value and shaping people’s taste. This is why we think that »BEST NIGHTS« is extraordinary. This is a message coming from a renowned and long-standing company, this time targeting younger generations through one of their favorite channels, fashion. This is not an ordinary collection. This is the fruit of the work of a selected, professional team, which is conveyed to the audience by »influencers« creating unique and lasting value in various fields of life. What we liked the most about the project was Jägermeister’s attitude, this is why we said yes to it instantly. We have the utmost respect for brands that are not afraid to reach out to followers that are out of their comfort zone and to explore uncharted waters and experiment with new channels,” Footshop’s brand manager Márk Bornemissza told us.

The limited pieces of the collection will be available on the website from January 31, 2021 in Hungary and in 21 additional countries from Europe through South Africa and Asia.

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