Czech brand Egoé evokes the style of the ski slopes of the 70s and 80s

Czech brand Egoé evokes the style of the ski slopes of the 70s and 80s

Debuting at the Czech Designblok, Egoé’s latest design skis take us all the way back to the 1988 Winter Olympics, complete with Eddie the eagle.

The team, which primarily designs high-quality indoor furniture, inspired by their passion for skiing, decided to take up the rather specialized trade of ski design.

Their initial model, called Kontura, was created to go with their self-designed car accessory, a model of the Nestbox product line that instantly transforms vans and single-deckers into campervans.

Nestbox can provide a kitchen setup, storage compartments, or even a place to lie down in your car.

This was followed by the Dip base models, the Pastelo kids’ skis, and then the Beat collection inspired by alpine skiing. Now they have teamed up with Czech-based LUSTi and world-renowned Italian ski manufacturer Penz to create products for the winter sports enthusiasts. They look to great brands such as Fischer, K2, Hexcel, and Rossignol for inspiration, whose graphic world has influenced the design of their latest skis.

The design of Pa®azit is the brainchild of Egoé’s Artistic Director David Zezula. He believes that since the 90s, the influence of computer programs has resulted in a loss of moderation and competence in the design process. So Pa®azit is a tribute to the creative solutions of the old ski brands from the analog era. Their biggest inspiration was the legendary C4 ski from the above-mentioned Fischer brand, whose influence is referenced by two stripes in this collage of different graphic patterns inspired by the iconic ski brands of the 70s and 80s. All the popular designs of the past are reborn in a pair of contemporary skis.

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