Eastern European vacation | TOP 5

Eastern European vacation | TOP 5

Hearing the word summer vacation, many of us come across the same concepts: beach, the smell of sunscreen, straw hat, or reading a long-coveted book, but better and better alternative vacation options also become more common. In our selection today, we present programs that spice up the summer holidays in an unusual way.

Fairytale equestrian tour in Transylvania | Romania

Wildflower meadows, hoof poundings, rustic surroundings—the Kálnoky family and Count Kalnoky’s Riding Treks in Transylvania try to encourage sustainable tourism in this wonderful landscape. The aim of the horseback riding tours is to experience the traditional riding functions, get to know the authentic Transylvanian village world and promote the closeness to nature. In addition to horseback riding, the tour offers many special experiences, we can go on a night forest walk or we can also visit the locals. Every little detail of the tour fits into a fairy tale: the romantic landscape, the charming farmhouses and even the polenta served.

Glam Picnic  | Hungary

The Glam Picnic is a perfect example of how to combine luxury with natural recharge. The Glam Picnic series of events shows that it is not necessarily possible to picnic only outdoors and under the usual conditions—the events are hosted by Hungary’s hidden treasures, which are complemented by lavish props. In addition to healthy culinary experiences, the picnic is complemented by yoga and live music. This year’s summer programs will soon be available on the Glam Picnic social sites.

Bananaway | Slovenia

For those who are already fed up with constant bathing, but still want to be close to the water, the Bananaway SUP tour is the perfect choice. Bananaway specializes in adventurous water tours and other forms of active recreation, while complementing other programs with eventful relaxation, such as yoga, cycling or exploring the local cuisine. Bananaway both organizes tours to the cultic places of Slovenia, but we can also go to Croatia or Thailand with them.

Walking tour with the stars above | Hungary

Boots, tent, star flush—this is how one of the most exciting tours is announced by the Hungarian Adventure and Sports Association (MAKASE), the tour in Zselic. The two-day hike will be in the Zselic Forest during the day and the uniquely starry sky will play a leading role at night.

Retreat in Őrség | Hungary

Tranquility, relaxation of the soul, retreat: sometimes everyone needs a little recharge where they can cherish themselves with full care, excluding the outside world. On the retreats in Őrség, a harmonious environment, a healthy lifestyle and experienced professionals help with relaxation and personal development. The retreat encourages the participants to find themselves and balance themselves through the means of yoga. The special effect of the retreat would not be real without the unmistakable beauty of the Őrség. The dates of the retreats are available on the Facebook page of the retreats in Őrség.

Count Kalnoky’s Riding Treks in Transylvania | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Glam Picnic | Facebook | Instagram
Bananaway | Web | Facebook | Instagram
MAKASE | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Retreat in Őrség | Facebook

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