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A multi-sensory creative space was born in MaxCity

In October 2021, MaxCity, based in Törökbálint, brought to life an international creative arts project. As part of the Budapest Design Week, they gave the future-oriented installation, the Kollab cube, in the hands of artists. The Rising Grid Collab Cube, which is actually an extra-tuned spherical zone, was fully given over to the artists by the organizers to create a unique visual world, influenced by the tracks of well-known local DJs such as Dj Bootsie, PopMyEgo, Onakom, VENI and HA1K.

Participants could create a unique and inspiring space during the ten-day creative process, where visuality, light, color, shapes, scents, and music all worked together. To achieve the highest level of impact, the MaxCity team invited excellent, well-known, beginner and experimental electronic musicians to compose their own etudes.

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