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A drop of Bauhaus in the new collection of Modus Design

Sometimes all it takes is a cup of tea to take a moment out of the whirlwind of everyday life and notice details that we usually overlook—the hot drink soothes, the playful sway of the filter brings a smile to our face, the tap of the spoon on the teacup surface disrupts, and it can be a moment to realize how much potential there really is in ceramics.

Modus Design was founded in 1976 as a ceramics studio in SoHo, New York, by ceramic artist, educator and curator Marek Cecuła, and is currently based in Kielce, Poland, where it realizes local, national and international projects. The studio develops alternative solutions in functional porcelain for the American and European markets, while aiming to express and perpetuate the contemporary spirit in porcelain art. Its philosophy is to return to the “artists in industry” movement and to promote collaboration between designers and factories. This exceptionally creative space combines more than two hundred years of Ćmielów table porcelain experience and the artistic sensibility of contemporary designers. The Ćmielów porcelain factory’s workshop is equipped with industrial tools and production facilities, which is why they produce unique but accessible, functional and decorative ceramics.

Modus Design’s new ceramic project is called BAU, which is a reference to the functionality and simplicity of the Bauhaus idea. The collection was designed by Edyta Cieloch, whose creations are free of superfluous ornamentation, and the composition is based on basic geometric shapes—spheres and cuboids—, which also reflect the eponymous Bauhaus idea. The collection consists of two parts, but the kettle and the cup form a single block, which also demonstrates the harmony of solution between art and practicality.

The white glazed porcelain tableware is also available in graphite, blue, light grey, pink, brick red and almond colors. The modern shapes add flavor to everyday rituals, while the BAU tea set also evokes Japanese connotations thanks to its minimalist shape.

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