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A Hungarian-Indian painter became the muse of AERON’s new collection

A trademark of Budapest designer Eszter Áron is to choose strong female characters as inspiration for her collections season after season, so that her clothes can encourage strong women and free them from their everyday inhibitions. The latest Prefall 2021 collection is inspired by the adventurous Hungarian-Indian painter Amrita Sher-Gil.

Eszter Áron, the founder of the AERON brand, comes from a multi-generational family of tailors and fabric merchants, absorbing a love of fabrics, clothes and handicraft techniques from an early age. This spiritual heritage is the basis of the brand, established in 2011, which is committed to integrating high quality textiles, local production and artisanal techniques.

Amrita, the muse of Prefall 2021, was born in Budapest in 1913 and died tragically young at the age of twenty-eight in India. Her life was marked by a tremendous desire to create, to fight for women’s equality and to break sexual taboos. Her post-expressionist works link two distant cultures by focusing on issues of femininity. Although Amrita’s oeuvre is hugely popular in India, her name is less familiar in this country. That is why it is an important step that a fashion brand, popular both at home and internationally, is now drawing attention to her.

Eszter Amrita’s paintings are based on clean lines and strong colors: earthy tones, rust and dark green shades dominate the collection. The brand has always been known to walk the line between masculinity and femininity, and this time it is no different: the sometimes-masculine tailoring is infused with a deep femininity, resulting in a sensual power dressing. Silk, leather, knitwear, linen and tailored pieces blend in perfect harmony.

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Photos by Anton Gottlob

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