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A temporary but dignified shelter for Ukrainian refugees

In the aftermath of the Ukrainian-Russian war, the team of Balbek Bureau in Kyiv studied refugee settlements around the world in order to design a modular village called Re:Ukraine. The project aims to provide emergency shelter for refugees who lost their homes during the war in Ukraine.

The housing scheme of Re:Ukraine is based on a standardised timber-framed box that can be fitted with different interiors to form living quarters and communal kitchens, bathrooms and public spaces. These units could be stacked and combined into larger configurations, interspersed with green spaces. The modular system is able to create everything from a 100-person settlement up to the equivalent of a small town housing 8,200 people. The scheme is ready to adapt, as flexibly as possible, to the changing needs, spaces or budget, as well as to the increasing number of refugees.

The architects of Balbek Bureau aimed to design a scheme that would balanceto balance residents’ need for comfort and social interaction and the need to accommodate people displaced by the humanitarian crisis. “The main task we set ourselves was to maintain a dignified way of life. You can take away people’s homes, unfortunately, but not their dignity. Time is playing against us, so it is important to find the best and fastest way to build,” says Slava Balbek, founder of Balbek Bureau. Now, the studio is presenting the scheme to representatives of both the public and private sector, with the aim of creating a pilot village in Western Ukraine.

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