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Away from the noise of the city | TOP 5

To this day, many vote in favor of rural life, and in recent years, more and more people have decided to buy a country house. What are we missing from living in the city? In our selection today, we present five Instagram accounts that convince us without words of the joys and beauties of rural life, from different perspectives.


Tranquility and silence. Magda Cebula’s amateur photographer’s account is the epitome of serenity. The photographer is one of those who has eyes for the tiny moments we often slip by in the rush of days: cool, dawn fog, cobweb-covered flower petals, a butterfly flying onto the fingertip. We can watch a multitude of such moments on the account, with the breathtaking landscapes of Poland starring.


The story of Viscri 32—White Barn is a modern fairy tale about the longing for the countryside and the complete lifestyle change. The owners moved from a noisy apartment in Bucharest to the calm mountains of Viscri, where their lives turned upside down: since 2016, they have been restoring old furniture, collecting forgotten recipes and gardening. Last but not least, they welcome those who wish to visit them with dishes from their special menu and also offer accommodation in an authentic environment.


The Czech-Canadian region in the Czech Republic can be identified by its extensive forest areas, cliffs and many bodies of water. This country house is located in this charming landscape, the owner of which loves to share the exciting processes of renovation and interior design combined with the moments of the quiet everyday life of the countryside. 


The Slovenian Baron organic farm welcomes kindergartens and school groups with open arms, as well as anyone who wants to learn more about the environmentally friendly operation of a farm. The farm serves seasonal lunch menus, full of organic garden and homemade ingredients: in cooler weather indoors, and in the summer on the hillside, you can enjoy the menu among fragrant plants and flowers. 


The Instagram page of the Hungarian boldoghetkoznapjaink also celebrates the small moments of simple and everyday life: be it a walk in nature or the beauty of rural life, from picking fruit to the joy of baking bread. 

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