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Breathtaking design hotels | TOP 5

It is not the size or the dominant style that determines the essence of a design hotel. Whether it is a hotel with a few suites or hundreds of rooms, following ultramodern or architectural traditions, the common point is the approach to design, the maximalism of quality and aesthetics down to the smallest detail. In our selection today, the breathtaking design hotels in Eastern Europe will play a leading role.

Autor Rooms | Poland

Located in the Śródmieście district, which is also very popular with locals, Autor Rooms is not a typical tourist destination. One of the most authentic and intimate accommodations in Warsaw, full of creative interior design and design solutions thanks to architect Mateusz Baumiller. The furnishings of the rooms praise the work of Polish designers and all can be purchased. In this way, the suites themselves can be seen as showcases of Polish design.

Hotel Josef | Czech Republic

Hotel Josef is a real gem of Prague’s Old Town. With its modern look, it elegantly blends into the rich historical setting reminiscent of the twentieth century. Harmony and permanence radiate from both its interior and exterior spaces thanks to the work of the celebrated architect Eva Jiricna. Classic and elegant design elements: the delicately smooth limestone cladding of the corridors, glass-walled baths and wonderful designer furniture complete the overall picture.

Vander Urbani Resort | Slovenia

Vander Urbani Resort promises a cozy and friendly environment embedded in the pulsating rhythm of Ljubljana. Thanks to the combined use of reinforced concrete, glass and steel, the hotel is characterized by masculine elegance that goes well with charming, curved and geometric shapes. The combination of special materials and unusual elements makes the hotel really eclectic, designed by the Sadar + Vuga studio.

Hotel Lone | Croatia

Reminiscent of a luxurious cruise ship, Hotel Lone stands out from the hillside. The unique natural beauty of Rovinj inspired the minimalist yet charming building. The 3LHD architectural studio, responsible for the designs, focused on the dominant horizontal lines in the exterior façade. Its unusual shape allows each of the hotel’s rooms to overlook the Adriatic Sea or the ancient wooded forest surrounding the building.

Das Triest | Austria

Combining past and present, rigid elegance permeates the Das Triest hotel in Vienna. Architect Peter Lorenz and interior designer Sir Terence Conran have preserved the core of the original building that houses the hotel, combining it with majestic elegance and serene forms. With its modern face, the building stands out from Vienna’s diverse, monumental façades and Art Deco-style buildings.

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