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Common objects tuned for brutalism

Sofia Alvarado has reinvented common objects in a brutalist style. The designer has softened the rigidity of geometric shapes with a striking peach color in her BRUTANTES collection.

Design fans have only recently started to appreciate the brutalist style. One of the reasons for its popularity lies in functionality: like minimalism, it seeks to serve the consumer as simply as possible. Sofia Alvarado took inspiration from this combination when she designed her BRUTANTES collection, recreating everyday furnishings in a brutalist style. For the time being, the first part of the collection is available, but in the future, Alvarez is planning to expand in terms of functions and materials, as well.

Each object is based on a metal structure, which the customer can further transform by adding concrete, stone, wood or even glass. Although the basic collection is made in peach (“mattone orange”), the color can also be changed to off-white, grey or mustard yellow. Every item is produced in an environmentally conscious and ethical way in Panama.

Further information on the BRUTANTES collection: sofiaalvarado.com
Photos: Sofia Alvarado

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